Care & Support Services

What is the CHBC Model?

Community and home-based care (CHBC) is defined as care provided to the terminally or chronically ill people living with HIV (infected) in the comfort of their homes or their familiar communities. It serves to provide basic nursing and palliative care to patients in congenial surroundings and functions as an effective complements or substitute to institutionalized care. WHO defines CHBC as

“Any form of care given to ill people in their homes. Such care includes physical, psychological, palliative and spiritual activities. The goal of CHBC is to provide hope through high-quality and appropriate care that helps ill people and families to maintain their independence and achieve the best possible quality of life”.


  • Program implementation in line with the National HIV Response
  • Needs-specific physical care and treatment care at home
  • Effective opportunistic infection(s) treatment and ART
  • Psycho-social support & counseling services for PLHIV
  • PLHIV and their family support
  • Raise community awareness
  • Palliative care, end of life support


  • School Support Package
  • School Tuition Fees
  • Nutrition Services/Food support package
  • Medical Referral Support
  • Emergency Medical Support
  • Travel for ART Registration
  • Counseling Services at CHBC
  • Counseling Services through Household Visits
  • Support to PLHIV or their Family Members who are already skilled


The main beneficiaries for HIV treatment care and support are all those infected and affected by HIV namely HIV positive and their families and other communities vulnerable to this disease.

CHBC Sites in Pakistan:

CHBC Statistics:

Indicator 2.1 = Number of PLHIV receiving comprehensive CHBC Services
Indicator 2.2 = Number of family members of PLHIV receiving comprehensive CHBC Services
Indicator 2.4 = Number of clients who received Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing Services for HIV through CHBC Sites and received their test results