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Plane Shot Down With 100 AIDS Specialists. [ Click here to See Latest News]
Proposed HIV Bill. [ Click here to Download Proposed HIV Bill 2014]
Terms of Reference : External Audit of Global Fund (TGF) Supported HIV Grant
World AIDS Day 2013 Report.
Ms. Saira Afzal Tarar
State Minister
Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination.
Mrs Rashida Malik
Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination.
Dr Jehanzeb Khan Aurakzai
Director General
Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination.
National AIDS Control Programm(NACP) established in 1986-87. In its early stages, the Programme focused on laboratory diagnosis of suspected HIV cases, but progressively it began to shift its focus towards HIV prevention and control interventions. The development of National Strategic Framework -one in 2001 provided strategic vision to the national response and government of Pakistan ... [ read more ]

Pakistan is the second largest country in South Asia that stands only a few steps behind India and Nepal in terms of HIV epidemic. Until recently Pakistan was classified as a ‘low prevalence high risk’ country but now Pakistan is in a ‘concentrated phase’ of the epidemic with HIV prevalence of more than 5% among injecting drug users (IDUs) in at least eight major cities. However, the country still has a window of opportunity as the current estimates, using the various latest prevalence estimation models; indicate that the HIV prevalence among general adult population is still below .1%. According to the latest national HIV estimates there are approximately 97,400 cases of HIV/AIDS in Pakistan..... [ read more ]
Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination.
United Nations International
World Health Organization
The Global Fund


" Monitoring and Evaluation System Strengthening Tool (MESST) " workshop


10,11th June,2014

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